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Exclusive interview!: TUESDAY KNIGHT [english version]

Hi dreamers!

Today, we bring you a new interview, this time with the adorable Tuesday Knight, Kristen in 'A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: the Dream Master'. Hope you enjoy it!

Thank you very much for this interview, Tuesday, you’re the first of the Elm Street ladies that makes an interview with us, and it’s a true pleasure for Nightmare Spain. There we go!

Your first job as an actress, if IMDB isn’t wrong again, was the series 'Fame', on 1984. Acting was a work for you then, or just a hobby? How came that first job?
Yes, actually it was my second acting gig. I got hired in as a regular on 'General Hospital' first, and at the time it was sort of a hobby. I had just released my album, and that is how I got the role on 'Fame'. They wanted me on there to sing... It was a special time, and everyone from the show is very successful. Wonderful cast.

Tuesday as Suzi Detroit, in 'Fame'

You’re also a singer. Do you consider yourself more an actress tan a musician, or both equally? What do you enjoy most?
Well, I grew up with my Father writing songs for Frank Sinatra and Elvis. Music was just in my blood, then I got signed by Vanity records in 1984 then CBS Records came around and bought me out of my contract. They wanted me on their label bad.
I was really into music, and then I got my first lead role in 'Nightmare 4' and I found a new love, which was acting. So I now consider myself an actor that sings. I still do music, I have never stopped.

Tuesday in a concert

In 1983, you did backing vocals on the Metal Health album, by Quiet Riot. Wow, we love than band, Bang Your Head (Metal Health) is a true metal anthem. How was that experience? Did you participate in the whole album, or just in some specific songs? Did you tour with the band?
Yes! That was a great time of my life, Kevin (DuBrow, Quiet Riot's singer) was truly a magical man. And I met one of my best friends in the world there, Mr. David Brighton. It was a great album, and I did backing vocals on most of the songs. I believe there are some on there that I did not appear on. I did not tour with the band, maybe I should have.

The 'Metal Health' album by Quiet Riot

In 1987, you record your first album, called Tuesday Knight, on Parc/CBS Records. Was that a crucial moment of your life?
That was very much a crucial moment in my life. I was so excited to know that I had made it. I got to work with some pretty amazing people: Frank Wildhorn, Karl Richardson and JD Nichols from the Commodores. I was ready for the world!

Tuesday's album, 1987

Let’s talk about your role in ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street 4’. I’ll tell you something: it’s my favorite movie of the series, right after the first one. There, you play the role of Kristen Parker, the role that previously had played Patricia Arquette on the third movie. How did you feel playing a role that had been played by other actress before? Did you feel supported by the cast and crew?
Well I was really excited when Renny offered me the role. And knowing that Patricia had played the part previously was a bit nerve racking, because you already know peoples expectations are going to be high. But then I was like, "You know what? I am going to play this part the way I think it should be", and I am guessing the fans liked it because I still get fan mail everyday of my life from that film.
As for the cast members supporting me, yes I felt that they did. Although it was most likely harder for Ken Sagoes and Rodney Eastman because they were the ones that had worked with Patricia before. But we all got along GREAT and I made some lifetime friends.

Tuesday as Kristen in ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street 4’

How is Robert Englund as a filming partner? Did he help you to feel integrated with a group that had the previous experience of the third movie?
Robert is amazing! He treated everyone like professionals even though it was a first time film for most of us. He gave great advise and offered tips when we needed them.
But he also liked to have fun with us: there is a photo of Robert, me and my mother doing the Can Can Dance. It's pretty awesome.

Robert & Tuesday, Freddy & Kristen

We really love the fourth movie, but it’s a bit sad to see Kristen, Kincaid and Joey so little time, the surviving Dream Warriors of the third one. There were other good characters to introduce, of course, but that was so short for us. Would you have liked them to get more expansion, development in the film?
Well of course I would have liked to see everyone live a little longer. I am sure everyone else would agree with me, but when it's a horror film you know what is going to happen. I knew i was going to die as did Ken and Rodney. But that is part of the gig.

Ken, Rodney, Tuesday, and Andras Jones in the background

‘A Nightmare on Elm Street 4’ was the consolidation of a tone change that had already started with the third movie. Freddy was funny and cunning, with that particular sense of black humor, a true mass media star. Also, we have that videoclip look that definitely favored the series. Your Nightmare theme contributed decisively to that. Those first chords, the black screen, and the Friedrich Nietzsche quote: we can’t imagine a better way to start a movie! Were you offered to play that theme when you were first approached to play Kirsten, or was it something that came later? It’s a great song, congratulations!
Well, Renny had casted me in the film first, so it was a fun process because I got to read with people and help chose who would get some of the roles. But it wasn't for like a month that I brought Renny and Rachel (Talalay) some of my music and I played it for them, and they told me to come up with what I could for the film. All films need music, so I went back to the studio with my writing partner and we cranked out Nightmare in 2 hours.
I took it back to the studio, called Renny he came downstairs and we played the song in my car, and he loved it! I never saw the master recording again... (laughs).
Next thing I know, we are at the premiere in Westwood, CA and the movie is starting and my song is right at the beginning. It was one of the most amazing moments of my life at the time.
To have your song in the opening credits is a HUGE thing, its like being the artist chosen to open up the Grammy Awards.

Some unforgettable credits...

Going back to Nightmare, we would like to get a good version of the song; we don’t want low-quality mp3 files taken directly from the movie. But the song isn’t included in the CD soundtrack, that is certainly hard to find, and ridiculously expensive, about 100$. How can we get Nightmare?
You really can't. And I do have a master copy and it does have the 'Nightmare on Elm Street' score in it... just like the film. But it was meant to be that way so it could lead you into the movie.

Tuesday, in a convention

Are you still in touch with any member of the cast of the fim? Robert, Lisa, Rodney, Ken, Andras… any of them?
I am! I talk to Andras, Ken, Lisa, Rodney, Brooke, Toy all the time. I haven't talked to Danny since the film opened. I haven't seen him either. I haven't seen Robert since we did 'New Nightmare' together. But I have the amazing opportunity to Reunite with him at 'Monster Mania 21', in Cherry Hill, NJ in march! I cannot wait to see him again. But to answer your question, yes I still talk to everyone. Friends for life.

Friends for life

Nowadays, you are a jewelry designer, and you run a company along with Lisa Wilcox. Are you good friends? Did that project fill all your time or you continue with your actress or singer career?
Well that company is no longer but I remain friends with Lisa. We had a blast doing that together.
But after many years in the fashion industry, I am ready to go back full time in acting. And who knows even some music might be coming too.

Lisa Wilcox, Andras Jones and Tuesday

We don’t know if you are a fan of the ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ series, but we have decided to ask this question to any person that we interview. You, the interviewee, will decide whether to answer or not the question: what would be your favorite order of the movies of the Elm Street saga, from the best to the worst? I’ll tell you mine, in confidence: 1 , 4 , 3 , 2 , 7 , Vs. , 5 , 6 , Remake.
I am a huge Horror Fan, and I do love the films. I have to say I like 'Nightmare 4' the best!!! But I really do enjoy the Original and New Nightmare. Heather is an amazing actress, and a very sweet person.

That’s all, Tuesday. Thank you very much for your time and for making this interview. Greeting from Spain!

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